Almeida's Pet Care

Licensed, Insured and First Aid Pet Certified by American Red Cross

"Care for your Pet & Providing 'lived in look home'

while you are away"


As my services are customized according to both pet and pet owner needs, price for services might vary based upon each request. Several items such as distance from Morgan Hill (where I'm located), number of visits, duration, type of service, etc will determine the overall cost. As a Licensed and fully Insured Service Provider, I work with a contract. I do not charge based on how many pets I will have under my care. The major factor of cost is the number of visits per day/period.


Please contact me along your specific needs. Ideally, the first contact is followed by a formal interview, where I have a chance to provide you with more details about my services, get to know your pet(s), provide Almeida's Pet Care client's referral, etc.


Looking forward to meet you and your pet(s). 


Rosana Almeida

Professional Pet Care Serving Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin & Coyote Valley